Cutting-Edge, Wide-Frequency
Sound Absorption Technology: Why It's Better

Microscopic images all shown at the same magnification.
A smaller fiber diameter results in dramatically better sound absorption. With a fiber diameter 3 to 30 times smaller than competitors, Sonozorb’s micro-fiber structure allows better performance across the frequency range with less trade-offs.

Sample partsOne-Source, From Concept to Delivery

More than just raw material, Sonozorb is fabricated and finished to your specifications. Not only does this streamline your supply chain, it ensures product integrity and performance that can otherwise be compromised by third-party converters. Utilizing industry leading techniques, we carefully maintain loft throughout the manufacturing process.

The Best Value on the Market

Cost ChartCombining exceptional technology with efficient manufacturing, Sonozorb provides you with the best cost-to-benefit ratio of any synthetic acoustic insulation available – with costs often similar to inferior cotton shoddy.

FeatherExtremely Lightweight

With today’s demanding applications, weight is more important than ever. Sonozorb delivers exceptional performance in a lightweight package.

Cost ChartThree-Dimensional Compression with No Added Costs

Sonozorb can be locally compressed to eliminate potential design interference. Ultimately, the results are a three-dimensional design at a two-dimensional process cost.

Water dropsMoisture, Mold and Mildew Resistant

Sonozorb is hydrophobic and will not absorb or hold water. The inter spacial nature of the product allows ventilation to avoid trapping moisture.